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Who we are

Decentralized Vision is a new and innovative company that seeks to decentralize internet markets. As we are well-aware of the gap that exists between online billing needs and the existing solutions, we are currently working on decentralizing the billing industry by developing a blockchain-based billing protocol (PumaPay).

In addition, we operate to decentralize other markets by seeking well-positioned companies within these markets to collaborate with. We believe that blockchain technology has the ability to disrupt online platforms and enable companies to allocate their revenue in a fair and equal way.


The PumaPay Protocol combines the benefits of traditional billing systems and blockchain technology. Our protocol is an all-in-one solution that overcomes existing blockchain payment limitations and offers robust billing mechanisms for e-commerce, online services and traditional merchants.

The PumaPay Protocol will allow us to decentralize a whole layer of financial services, including credit cards corporations and billing aggregators, and help companies and individuals to save 3%-15% of their costs while doing business on the internet.

Read more about PumaPay Protocol

We will soon announce an initial token offering (ICO) of our PMA token. If you wish to join the ICO, click here.

We are looking for well-positioned and influential partners who share our vision and want to change their business models in order to fully adapt to the blockchain era. By disrupting their markets, these partners should cause an aggressive shift of clients from their competitors’ platforms to theirs, and create a critical mass of users to support our token economy. If you wish to join our initiative, contact us.

Become a Part of The PumaPay Ecosystem

We are constantly looking for new companies and individuals to join our ecosystem. Please contact us if you:

  • Have experience in Blockchain technology and want to join our team.
  • Are looking for ICOs to contribute to and want to hear more about us.
  • Are interested in becoming an early adopter of our protocol.
  • Are interested in joining our cause by disrupting your market

Meet Our Team

Yoav Dror
Giorgos Kourtellos
Chief Blockchain Architect
Pantelis Foulis
Milenko Strika
Head of Product
Gleb Chernov
VP Business Development
Stella Evagorou
Constantinos Eracleous
Smart Contracts Developer
Elena Savvides
Head of HR
Mat Stone
Cyber Security
Efi Klaus